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Established in 1885.
Specializing in custom dimensional stone fabrication and installation for residential and commercial use.

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Samples of Our Stone Work
The goal of Robert Young & Sons, Inc. is to provide our customers with superior products and services by customizing each project to your unique needs. Our business is building, improving and preserving a wide spectrum of state-of-the-art stone projects. Within the private sector and commercial applications, our clientele include: landscapers, builders/contractors, collectors, major contractors, architects, artists, clergy, business owners, woodworkers, restoration contractors, government facilities and more.
Marble Baptismals
Verdi Issori Marble Baptismal capped with Botticino Marble, add beauty, yet simplicity within the church setting.
Custom Carving
Limestone door jamb with detailed bracket - Residence, New Jersey
Versatile Travertine
The Soft Tone of Travertine covering the walls and columns at the Newark Gateway Building produces a pleasing ambiance.
Places of Worship
Elegance and Reverance is created with the natural lighting which strikes this marble lecturn and steps.
Residential Exterior
This Lavish Home Patio is enhanced by limestone railings, balusters and steps. Limestone's versatility within the commercial and residential settings has no boundaries.
Indiana Limestone
The sides are designed with rusticated quoins; intricate archway carving is patterned after a French design. Centered above the doorway is a unique keystone salvaged from a building in France.
Large Selection
Hand-picked large selection of natural stone, processed with care.
Custom Stone Work
Each stone is processed by hand in our facilities in Newark, New Jersey.
Building Facades
Limestone facade with rusticated joints - New York City.
Stone Combinations
Carved limestone swag with bullnosed granite base - Residence, New York City.
Exterior Limestone
Limestone Cornices - townhouse, New York City.
Walls and Window Sills
Wall facings and sills - townhouse, New York City.
On-Premises Fabrication
Thermal finishing granite plinths - Robert Young and Sons shop.
Made in USA
All stonework is done on premises. Tooling limestone jambs. Newark, New Jersey.
Personalized Touch
Each of our projects is hand-handled, with care going into every detail.
Made On Premises
Carver's bench - Robert Young and Sons shop.
Columns and Arches
Limestone column and arches - Residence, New Jersey.
Landmark Restoration
Carved Limestone Arches - Landmark Restoration, Brooklyn, New York.
Modern Equipment
Diamond blade cutting brownstone on computerized saw - Robert Young and Sons shop.
On-Premises Stone Work
Carving details of Celtic sandstone cross - Robert Young and Sons shops.
Hand Carved Stone
Carved 13 foot brownstone plaque - School in New York City.

"Stunning work, such attention to detail. Quality of stone is superb. My family will cherish it  for the generations to come."
 - John M, New Jersey
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