Historical Stone Restoration

  Historical Stone Restoration

Established in 1885.
Specializing in custom dimensional stone fabrication and installation for residential and commercial use.

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Restoring Natural Stone

Restoration is a process that should be performed only by a professional stone restoration company. Robert Young & Sons, Inc. takes particular pride in our skilled stone restoration capabilities. Our firm has served as both consultant and supplier of natural stone for the restoration and preservation of various historical landmarks. Most noteworthy is our involvement with the Fraunces Tavern Restoration Project in NYC. Other restoration sites include:
  • Stony Brook College, NY
  • Penn Station, Newark, NJ
  • Grand Central Station, NYC
  • Metropolitan Museum, NYC
  • ... and numerous public buildings throughout the tri-state area
Showcase Project - Tucker Architectural Award Winner

Broad and Pearl Streets, New York, New York.
STONE QUARRIER: Georgia Marble Company, Atlanta, Georgia;
STONE FABRICATION: Robert Young & Sons, Inc., Newark, NJ
Column base severely deteriorated and discolored; large cracks observed.
Georgia Marble was chosen for this project. Bases, columns and column caps were restored.
Extensive deterioration and discoloration were observed; portions of the caps were not just displeasing to the eye, but also potentially dangerous.
Dense white Georgia Marble was chosen to restore the portico.
Frances' Tavern was originally built in about 1700 as a private residence, turned warehouse. in 1762 it was bought by Sam Fraunces, who opened it as a tavern under the sign of "Queen Charlotte", later changed to "Fraunces' Tavern". It is most famous for it's Long Room, where the first meeting of the New York Chamber of Commerce took place, and  where Washington bade farewall to his generals and officers at the close of the War of Independence. That is  where countless history-making meetings and social gatherings took place  during  more then 300 years of the Tavern's history.

In 1985, this historic landmark underwent another renovation. The exterior restoration of Fraunces Tavern Restaurant included the cleaning of all brick and trim, and replacement of all cracked and eroded mortar joints, mismatched brick and metal cornices and the marble portico. In the existing portico, extensive deterioration and discoloration of the stone were observed. A marble similar in color, with greater density was sought: Georgia Marble was chosen.

The existing portico was dismantled and delivered to a stoneyard for the making of templates. Details were achieved by numerous cuts made with carborundum wheels. Dentals were carved by a stone carver. Blocks of marble were shipped to New Castle, Pensylvania, where the columns, column caps and bases were produced. New footings were set at the tavern, and the portico was installed by late September 1984. In 1998, Robert Young & Sons, Inc.  was honored by Tucker Architectural Award.
Testimonials & Reviews

"In order to correctly restore the exterior of Fraunces Tavern, it was necessary for the architects to make meticulous measurements and studies of the ornamental detail of the original building, and then to reconstruct from them — in the form of drawings and full-size details — to facilitate the cutting of the new stone. The Jurors felt that the architects had accomplished this restoration work with great competence and care; they also noted with pleasure the skill and craft of the stone carver."
- Juror's Comments  

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