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  About Robert Young And Sons

Established in 1885.
Specializing in custom dimensional stone fabrication and installation for residential and commercial use.

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Our History

The 18th Century found this nation being shaped and molded by "people-of-the-land" and their trades. Rich in natural resources, our country was inhabited by farmers, shepherds, quarrymen, carpenters and road builders, whose skills, knowledge and crafts were vital in establishing a nation which could function independently.

In the second half of the 19th Century, this nation and its people turned their attention to upgrading the quality of life here, and to allowing the United States to take its place as a world leader. In pursuing these objectives, the nation opened its arms and welcomed the scientists, artists and craftspeople of the four corners of the world. My great-grandfather, Robert Young, was one of those immigrants this nation embra
From our Family Album
A photograph showing our founder, Robert Young, standing to the right of a once widely used stone cutting machine called a “Scotch planer”. Also shown are Robert Young’s son, John, and his grandson, John. The photo was taken at our plant  on Grafton Avenue in Newark, New Jersey where we still cut, fabricate and install marble, granite and limestone.

Skilled as a stone cutter and as a fisherman, Robert Young left his native Scotland in the 1800's and settled in the Newark, New Jersey area. The proliferation of immigrants arriving in this area, coupled with the growth of industrialization, brought upon a flurry of building. Thus, Robert Young decided to open a cut-stone business of his own – Robert Young & Sons – Established in 1885.

I follow my grandfather, Hamilton, my father, Robert, and his brother, Hamilton into our organization, a fourth-generation family-owned business. I, like my father and grandfather before me, studied architectural drawing and blueprint reading, and served as an apprentice in the fabrication and installation of natural stone.

Traditionally, our company had exclusively fabricated limestone for commercial use. However, in 1925, the purchase of new equipment allowed us to enlarge our scope to include the fabrication of marble. The availability of both dimensional and veneer stone, as well as the industry's growing use of thinner marble and granite slabs ultimately enabled us to incorporate residential and commercial endeavors in our portfolio. Today, we are pleased to have banks, hospitals, interior designers, places-of-worship, educational facilities and seats-of-government among our clients.

Our Philosophy

I am proud to say that we at Robert Young & Sons, Inc. approach every assignment with the same care, skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail which has earned our company high regard for the past 100 years. We want every project - be it bank lobby or kitchen counter - to be an award winner, like our 1985 Tucker Award winning Fraunces Tavern Restoration in New York City.

We look forward to hearing from you, write or phone (973) 483-0451.


David A. Young
Vice President
In Our Shop
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Our Stone Suppliers

  • Texas Limestone
  • Indiana Limestone
  • Kansas Limestone
  • Silverdale Limestone
  • Bottom Ledge Cottonwood Limestone
  • Portland Brownstone
  • Briar Hill Sandstone
  • Georgia Marble
  • Vermont Marble
  • Cold Spring Granite
  • Georgia Granite
  • Canadian Granite
  • New England Granite
  • Pennsylvania Slate
  • Vermont Slate
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